November 19, 2015 Jessica Pomfret

A full-body virtual reality experience

We can finally experience what it’s like to see your whole body in VR and move around!

WIRED invited our sister company Visualise to present their work in virtual reality and explore what’s next for this exciting new medium.

Visualise created an experience, known as The Cell. This was a full body motion tracked VR experience that for the first time allowed the public to see their avatar and physically explore a virtual world. In a booth at the Test Lab, journalists were strapped into a backpack, their body covered with motion sensors attached to their hands, feet, legs, chest and wore a virtual reality Oculus Rift headset. All the movements of the user were being tracked in real-time; transporting them to an immersive world that can be navigated and where they have to complete various laser-theme tasks in order to escape the room or “cell”.

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