September 24, 2015 Jessica Pomfret

It started with the President

In August 2008 as the business was being assembled for launch, CURB were working to promote an amazing natural media talent called Jon Beartusk. Jon’s gift is the ability to hand burn truly remarkable works of art using nothing but the sun, a piece of wood, a steady hand and a magnifying glass. I remember the call as if it was yesterday, “Anthony, I’m going to be personally introduced to Senator Obama…can we use that in some way to help launch CURB?”
As a start-up we had been given an absurd chance to pitch to a potential President, so of course I said “That would be amazing, when you get introduced, he shakes your hand and then see’s your work you could pitch him the idea of hand burning him the first ever Presidential portrait.”
So Jon did just that. When Obama was in Montana campaigning he was introduced to Jon as a cultural Native American Leader with extraordinary talent and the pitch went like this:

Obama – “I love the art Jon, it’s beautiful!”

Jon – “I tell you what Mr Obama if you make it into the White House, how about I hand burn you the first ever solar Presidential Portrait.”
Obama – ” Jon if you make me a portrait and I make it into the White House…I will put it in the White House.”
He made it, we burned it and he offically received it! The portrait took 85 hours to burn and now hangs proudly in the White House complete with the CURB logo. We have a thank you letter signed by the main man in our office and an unbelievable story about our first client and the founding piece of innovation we delivered to the world.

Anthony Ganjou,
CEO & CO-Founder of CURB
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