400,000 youtube views in 24 hours

Warner Bros and Lowe Roche were looking for a way to deliver a unique stunt for the movie release, Contagion across North America.  On a budget of less than $30,000 they wanted to create a PR stunt that would generate noise across national and international media and drive buzz online.

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Working with one of the world’s leading micro-biologists, we designed a giant petri dish and specifically selected certain strains of bacteria to cultivate over 7 days into the movie title. The two petri dishes were installed in an empty store front in Toronto. It was initially completely bare but over the week it spawned into the most disgusting billboard ever, creating the world’s first truly ‘viral’ video.

  • 400,000 YouTube views in 24 hours and 600,000 to date
  • Voted 3rd best ad in North America by Forbes 2011
  • Over 15 international advertising awards
  • Over $15,000,000 in attributed PR value
  • Covered in over 500 offline and online publications and 30 local and national news channels in Canada
  • From and ROI perspective, one of the most successful movie launch stunts ever delivered by Warner