51,000 Facebook Likes

Evian and Havas wanted an interactive and joyful way of helping London commuters rise above the January blues and connect with their child inside. The idea had to transcend both Physical and digital channels whilst creating a pure sense of emotion with thousands of Londoners.

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Create an interactive Kinetic playground where the more you play the more it snows. From scratch we ideated, designed and built the playground the functionality and the kinetic interaction with the snow machine. In a world first we were able to design an experience powered by play and designed to played with by thousands of big kids.

    • 2,100,000 Twitter reach
    • 51,000 Facebook Likes
    • 22,000 new Facebook fans
    • 120,000 making of views
    • 8,000 active experiences on the playground
    • 3,200,000 OTS across two london locations.