Mircrosoft were seeking for an iconic series of stunts to launch the Xbox One console across Germany – immediately post the launch of their competitor PS4.

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Projection onto XBox’s Headquarters

First, we were given a mission impossible task by UM Germany to build a dynamic 3D projection mapping show that could fully integrate into a live DJ set in 10 days. Using the latest in spatial scanning technology we were able to create a perfect 3D model of Microsoft’s Berlin HQ within 24 hours.

Live Twitter Mural

For the second stunt, Curb painted Germany’s first hand painted social media mural next to some of Berlin’s most famous landmarks, such as the Humboldt Box. There were over 600 Tweets painted live into a skyline of Berlin on an enormous mural measuring over 90m long. From start to finish it took five artists eight days to complete and that included working through temperatures of minus 1.

Xbox One Forza

For our final major German activation, we helped UM create a fully interactive audio visual experience for Forza, designed around a large format digital screen and spatial mapping. Using advanced Kinect technology we created an environment where people could activate the Forza advert by walking past the screen and standing on a start button floor graphic.

  • The Germany Xbox One launch was featured front and centre in a global corporate communication for microsoft of all territories
  • Over 1 million people directly engaged by the 3 stunts
  • Over 1,200 tweets painted
  • Over 120,000 interaction registered with the Forza installation