Inventing a social media powered Allotment

Naked’s consumers lead busy lifestyles, and yet they want to know the details of where their food comes from – they’ll take time to know what exactly goes into every bottle. For Naked Juice to connect these consumers to “the harvest,” it needed to let users engage and connect to local produce in a simple and powerful way while providing a real look at the products they consume. OMD wanted to show how easy it was for anyone to be a gardener. Eating fresh and local isn’t complicated. It’s easy. And with technology today, it can be as easy as sending a tweet.

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Over the course of an entire summer the agency offered the opportunity for everyone to tend to the first-ever social media-powered living vegetable garden. The Power Garden grew six different vegetables featured in Naked Juice’s new product line, and used a combination of environmental, motion and touch sensors along with Twitter data, to shape its dynamic, living personality. Veggies could sense when people passed by and they called out to them for on-site engagement while changing digital signage in the garden to feature facts about each veggie in the product line. Spectators had the most fun when they touched the vegetables – and each veggie had a unique voice that responded. The garden had its own Twitter handle – @ThePowerGarden – that responded in real-time to tweets so the brand could engage people across the country. Any tweet that mentioned “water”-related keywords activated the garden’s sprinkler system. The Power Garden’s Ustream page live-streamed activities at the garden so people could watch their tweets help the garden grow from sprouts to bushy vegetables.

To close the campaign all the vegetables grown in the Power Garden were donated to the Washburn Culinary Institute, a Wholesome Wave affiliate in Chicago. Naked Juice hosted a Harvest Day where students from Washburn attended a class at the garden, harvested the vegetables and cooked Naked Juice recipes. All the recipes were made using the vegetables that had grown all summer long and distributed to visitors free of charge.

The garden was near Union Station on a plaza alongside the Chicago River, and received an estimated 104,000 impressions from daily traffic.

  • 1 out of every 4 visitors stopped to the touch the garden each day resulting in a total of 1,329,831 touches over the course of the campaign
  • the Ustream page was viewed by fans in 19 different countries and 41 states,
  • each unique Ustream viewer came back to watch the page again an average of 3.6 times
  • the sprinklers were activated hundreds of times by users through Twitter and received over 3,000 Facebook interactions
  • 3 Industry awards for innovation and technology