For the Natural History Museum’s Christmas 2015 ice rink, Swarovski were appointed to be their official sponsor through a deal with events company IMG. Following the success of Stylist Live with Swarovski, CURB were asked to bring something extra special to make the ice rink sparkle more than ever before.
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Set against the imposing backdrop of the Natural History Museum (NHM), the 1000 square metre ice rink is surrounded by 80,000 Christmas lights which decorate the trees lining the ice rink. This was the first time that Swarovski has decorated a tree in the UK.  So with special attention, situated in the centre of the ice rink, Swarovski decorated the tree with their sought-after sparkling Christmas crystal ornaments, 2,000 to be exact!  Also in the NHM’s courtyard there is Benugo’s cafe, a chalet like space evoking a true Après-ski experience.

In the corner of the rink, CURB created a photo experience where guests could have their photo taken; capturing their special moment on the ice with the iconic NHM in the background. When guests left the ice to collect their belongings, they were prompted to go to the cafe to pick up their free photo. Using touchscreens, guests could choose which of their photos they would like to print and share across social media.

  • Within a couple of weeks, social media reach hit 14 million
  • Social media reach of the launch night was at 742,923,868 impressions
  • Editorial reach of the launch night was at 175,345,262