NBC Universal approached CURB to come up with an innovative way to give something back to their Syfy channel fans and viewers.
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For the three major London Comic Con events; London Super Comic Con, MCM Comic Con and London Film Comic Con, we had thousands of cosplayers come to the Syfy FanCam to bring their favourite moves and poses to life. By using cutting edge technology, the 360 degree installation was composed of 46 fixed cameras which added a whole new dimension to their experience at Comic Con. The FanCam also provided the cosplayers with a unique momento to keep; by going to the Syfy website they could view their photo and share on social media Take a look at the highlights in the videos below.


  • Combined total of 120,000 people at the event
  • Over 4,000 photos taken
  • 8,000 visits to the Syfy website