September 18, 2015 Jessica Pomfret

Visualise & CURB Media take home BIMA’s ‘Immersive’ Award

Last night Visualise and CURB Media won our first BIMA Award for the Kasabian 360 gig experience.

We gave fans the chance to ‘be’ on stage with the band as well as experience the gig from the press pit and amongst the Kasabian die-hard fans. In order to capture the Kasabian gig from places that the fans would never have access to, we used a range of 360 degree video cameras and binaural audio microphones. Furthermore, to get as many fans to see the footage of Kasabian in 360 as possible, we achieved this with the Visualise HTML5 web-player that allows users to view the content in their web-browser, mobile device or tablet. Check it out here.

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