007 on MI6

Sorry for the intermittent blog posts we have been flat out with exciting projects for Swarovski, Twitter and Apple! Updates on all to be published soon but in the interim we thought we would show you a near miss for the Bond launch. We spent several months speaking to our friends at the Secret Intelligence Service about projecting Bond onto MI6 for the Spectre launch. It almost almost happened but sometimes things just aren’t meant to be. Here is Bond though mocked up in all his glory, just imagine how cool this would have been! 2018 maybe ; )

The Natural History Museum Ice Rink

We have a very exciting announcement!

We have partnered with the fashion jewellery brand Swarovski, IMG and the Natural History Museum to make the popular tourist attraction’s ice rink sparkle more than ever before.

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Mipcom – Le Grand Screen

This week we’re back in Cannes with our spectacular digital screen for Mipcom – a major festival celebrating the world’s entertainment content across all platforms.

Check out the video below!