CURB take Ride Along 2 on tour to Amsterdam, Berlin and across major UK cities


Last week CURB took the Ride Along 2 movie launch to Amsterdam, Berlin and a number of cities across the UK. The event consisted of members of the public competing with a game to unlock never-seen-before clips from the movie. The goal was to cycle as fast as possible to make your car reach the finishing post before the other players. The winner at each location were awarded a brand new PS4!


Skywriters have message for Trump


At the 127th Rose Parade, skywriters captured the public’s attention with words dotted clearly across the sky, “America is great! Trump is disgusting.” They completely stole the show where over 700,000 people had gathered, and it didn’t take long for parade-goers to snap pictures of the messages and post them on social media. Air Sign, an aerial advertising company, proudly claimed credit for creating the anti-Trump messages, and live-tweeted the event from their company account.

Back in 2012, CURB collaborated with Paddy Power to write sky messages of encouragement to the European Ryder Cup team – helping them complete one of the biggest fight-backs in the tournament’s history! Read more here.