FLEXLYTE launching 1st July

Our patent pending revolutionary lightweight outdoor technology FLEXLYTE will be launching officially on 1st July. Weighing less than 3kg per sq/m we can now deploy digital screens anywhere in minutes. This is our prototype 20mm banner on the front of the Carlton hotel in Cannes.

Yomp acquired by Reward Gateway


Thrilled to announce that Yomp has been acquired by Reward Gateway. Yomp/PleaseCycle was created in 2010 when Ry who at the time was an intern at CURB teamed up with Anthony to launch a sustainable technology business. Congratulations to the team and we wish everyone the best with the next steps of their journey.

Read about it here: http://techcrunch.com/2016/03/08/employee-health-startup-yomp-is-acquired-by-reward-gateway/