Meshh – nationwide Coca Cola campaign


For three weeks in July, our sister company Meshh installed their devices across 170 bus shelters throughout the UK with Coca Cola. Meshh enabled passersby to download a free Coca Cola voucher without using their own WiFi or mobile data. After selecting the WiFi SSID named (+) Free Coca-Cola Zero Sugar users were directed to a branded splash page with the Coca Cola Zero advert where they had the option to redeem their free voucher. By filling out the online form the user could have the voucher either emailed or sent via SMS to their phones.


Brand: Coca Cola
Media Agency: Kinetic Worldwide
Media Owner: JCDecaux

No. of sites: 170
Engagements: 22,403
Click throughs: 17,510
Redemption: 11,862

Over 50% conversion on engaged users.