February 17, 2016 Jessica Pomfret

Meshh – Internet of Things Expo

Meshh exhibited at it’s very first event last week, to publicise the imminent launch of (+) WiFi and to meet other pioneers in the world of all things connected. It was clear to see from 8:30am on the first day that this was going to be a popular event, with a hum of activity that could be felt the moment the lift doors opened.

Whilst not a huge area, we were told that over 3,000 people were signed up to attend over the 2 day exhibition, with people travelling from all corners of the world. We met with representatives from Brazil, South Korea, USA and China, proving the truly international draw of the event and highlighting the global interest and demand in the application of connected devices and how they can be used to change the way in which we interact with machines on a daily basis.

It’s evident that all of the technology showcased is very much ready for consumers, however it is the consumer messaging and marketing of solutions which is still in it’s infancy. Our introduction of (+) WiFi had great resonance with all whom we spoke to and began to take the conversation away from tech capability to user adoption.

‘Internet of Things’ was not something we had necessarily considered ourselves to be a part of, however due to the collective of innovative, dynamic companies whom we spent time with means that we’d proud to be labelled alongside with them!


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